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Pre-Designed House Plans Package for Professional Builders

Welcome to our exclusive collection of pre-designed house plans tailored for building contractors and construction companies. Our package includes: All the plans are classified as "Full Working Drawings" are in PDF Format Ideal for sending to suppliers and Clients

• Floor plans
• Elevation Plans
• Cross Section
• Door Schedule
• Window Schedule
• Electrical Plans

• Bracing Plans
• Tie Down Details
• Building Notes Page
• 3D Image Front Facade Ideal Marketeering

• 2D image of floor Plan Ideal Marketeering 

• CAD Files 

CAD Files for Customization: In addition to the full construction plans.

We provide CAD files that allow for easy customization by your suppliers or draftsman. This enables you to:

  • Modify Designs: Make adjustments to suit specific client needs or site conditions.

  • Personalize Features: Add unique touches and tailor features to enhance the overall appeal of the house.

  • Streamline Communication: Facilitate clear and precise communication between all parties involved in the construction process.

For Professional Builders



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