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Discounted Construction Plans for Building Professionals

Registered builders purchase our builder’s sale plans directly from our website here.  Save up to 70%. Please be aware that the discounted plans are only available on this Licensed Builders Specials page. If you prefer a plan from the rest of the site, it will be considered a custom design. The price for builders is $1295 for a custom design, which includes Computer-aided design (CAD) files.

Full Construction Plans (Working Drawings) Includes:

  • Notes Details

  • Floor Plan Fully Detailed

  • Elevation Plan Fully Detailed

  • Section Plan Fully Detailed

  • Roof Direction Plan

  • 3D views of all 4 sides

  • Electrical Plan Fully Detailed

  • Bracing Plan Fully Detailed

  • Tie-Down Notes Plan Fully Detailed

  • Safety Notes

  • Copyright release to use plan for building

Optional Upgrades

  • Computer-aided design (CAD) files

  • Structural Engineering Design Check & Certification

  • Basix / Energy Efficiency Assessment 

  • 3D Render - Artist Impression

Builders save up to 70% on House Plans  

Our recommended best-selling plans for builders
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