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Welcome to the Sleek Urban Oasis House Plan, where contemporary living meets sophistication and functionality. This exceptional house plan is thoughtfully designed to cater to the modern homeowner's desires for style, comfort, and accessibility. Let's dive into the remarkable features that make this home a true urban oasis:


1. Two Bedrooms with Walk-In Wardrobes:

  • Embrace the luxury of spacious bedrooms, carefully designed to provide ample room for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • The walk-in wardrobes are a homeowner's dream, offering not only storage space but also a touch of opulence to your daily routine.

2. Two Bathrooms:

  • Convenience is paramount in this house plan, which features two modern bathrooms. Whether for the master suite or guests, these bathrooms ensure everyone's needs are met with ease.

3. High Raked Ceilings:

  • As you step into the living areas, you'll be greeted by high raked ceilings that create an immediate sense of grandeur.
  • These ceilings not only add a touch of elegance but also enhance natural light and ventilation, making your home feel bright and inviting throughout the day.

4. Large Covered Patio:

  • Extend your living space outdoors with a generously sized covered patio. This outdoor oasis is perfect for relaxation, al fresco dining, and entertaining guests year-round.
  • Imagine enjoying your morning coffee or hosting a gathering with friends and family in this stylish and versatile outdoor area.

5. Modern Urban Aesthetic:

  • This house plan exudes a sleek, minimalist design that is the hallmark of contemporary urban living.
  • Clean lines, chic finishes, and a tasteful color palette create an inviting and chic atmosphere throughout the home.

6. Open Concept Living:

  • The open layout of this house plan promotes a sense of spaciousness and encourages interaction among family members and guests.
  • The seamless flow between the living, dining, and kitchen areas makes daily living and entertaining a breeze.

7. Natural Light:

  • Large windows and the high raked ceilings work together to allow an abundance of natural light to fill the interiors. Say goodbye to dark and gloomy spaces!
  • Enjoy the energizing effects of sunlight as it bathes your home in warmth and brightness.

8. Functional Floor Plan:

  • Every square foot of this home is thoughtfully designed with functionality in mind. Your living spaces are practical and efficient, ensuring that your daily routines are a breeze.

9. Wheelchair-Friendly Design:

  • Accessibility is a key feature of this house plan, making it suitable for a diverse range of residents.
  • The thoughtful design ensures that everyone can enjoy the home comfortably and independently.

The Sleek Urban Oasis House Plan represents the epitome of modern urban living. Whether you're a family seeking a stylish and functional home or an individual looking for an accessible and elegant living space, this house plan offers the perfect blend of convenience, style, and sophistication. It's time to make your dream of urban living a reality—welcome to your Sleek Urban Oasis!


2 Bedroom with Walk In Wardrobes
2 Bathrooms
High Raked Ceilings
Large Covered Patio
Wheel Chair Friendly


Metric Sizes
Bed1: 3.7 x 3.1
Bed2: 3.7 x 3.1
Living Room:5.8 x 3.6



Metric Area Sizes
Living Area: 108 m2
Porch:             2.2 m2
Back Patio:   29.0 m2
Total Area:   139.2 m2


Feet & Inches
Bed 1 : 10' 1” x 12 ' 1”
Bed 2 : 10' 1” x 12 ' 1”
Living Area: 19' 0” x 11 ' 10”




Areas Feet & Inches
Areas Feet & Inches
Living  area : 1164 Sq. Ft
Porch:                24 Sq. Ft
Back Patio:       312 Sq. Ft
Total Area:   1500 Sq. Ft




Working Drawings Sleek Urban Oasis House Plan : 139 Sleek Urban Oasis


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