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Granny Flat House Plan

Welcome to "Modern Accessibility: A 2-Bedroom, 2-Bathroom Haven"

Discover the perfect blend of contemporary design and inclusive living in our thoughtfully crafted small skillion roof home. "Modern Accessibility" offers a welcoming haven with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and wheelchair-friendly features, ensuring a comfortable and stylish living space for everyone.


Wheelchair-Friendly Design: This house plan is thoughtfully designed to be wheelchair-friendly, providing accessibility and comfort for all residents and guests. It offers an inclusive and adaptable living space that welcomes everyone.

If you're ready to embrace urban living in a sleek and accessible oasis, the Sleek Urban Oasis House Plan offers an exceptional opportunity. Contact us today to explore this unique plan and take the first step toward owning a home that combines style, convenience, and functionality. Your urban oasis awaits!

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