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Enquire today if you are ready to Build a High-Performance Building Company / Business.
We have designed a High Impact Website and combined it with our most popular home designs that will help get you there quicker.
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Construction Company Website For Sale / Ideal for New Home Builders 

1. Seller Bio

Our company has created hundreds of homes for builders throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. We have learned what are the best sellers, what buyers want, and what generates leads for the builder. We have also designed a lot of successful websites with our website designers and 3d artists.
Utilizing this 50 years of experience we have compiled our bestselling home designs and high-impact website to help builders sell more homes.


2. Executive Summary
Normally to create a website for a home builder he would need to hire several professionals, such as website designers, graphic artists, home designers, or architects plus he would need specialist 3d artists to feature these home designs. 


3. Highlights
Our concept of having a pre-designed website full of bestselling house plans saves thousands of hours and many thousands of dollars. 
- High impact website specifically designed for the home building market
- 12 bestselling home designs to help create quick sales
- Detailed floor plan fully dimensioned (ideal for quotes & pricing) -PDF Version
- Elevation Plans all 4 sides (ideal for quotes & pricing) -PDF Version
- 3D Render of Façade (ideal for websites) installed on the website 
- 2D Floor Plan (ideal for websites) installed on the website 
- 3 Virtual Display Homes 
- Copyright release unlimited building (build the home as many times as you like)


4. Operations
This site is designed to be easily run and maintenance-free. It is built within the Wix format which is worldwide, the most popular and easy-to-use format. The website is fully set up with the home designs installed and upon purchase, we will update the website with your contact details, logo, etc so you can start receiving home inquiries. We will also update the search engine optimization so the inquiries will be specific to your building area. Support is on offer for 4 weeks should you need guidance or any questions.
We will also offer additional home designs should you want to grow your business further.


5. Customers
Builders are finding most of the customer inquiries come from the internet. We have created a professional face for your building company and will update the website with another "about us section" so you can give your customers a brief about your building experience.


6. Financials
This is designed as a start-up business opportunity. It does not have previous profit and loss. However, it does have home designs already created. This gives you a quick start to selling homes for the new home builder just starting out or for the established builder looking to create more inquiries and add home designs to his existing home range.
Normally a builder would need to hire a home designer or architect to create the designs. Each design can cost between $2,000-5,000, and after paying that you have no guarantee that the design will be of interest to the customer. Our designs are proven best sellers and are already set up so you can cost out the building and offer the customer a quick solution that you know will be profitable.


7. Seller Notes
Buying this pre-designed website with built-in home designs will save you many months of research and designing and many thousands of dollars hiring the professionals needed to get your company up and running.
As we are a design company with 50 years’ experience and hundreds of home designs on hand we can also offer you the opportunity to add more designs to your website as needed to your high-impact website, either in the initial start-up or as your building company grows. We have low-cost building designs that you can purchase at any time.

Construction Company Website For Sale  / Ideal for New Home Builders

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