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Shipping Container Home Floor Plan Design:  40 Keppel - 40ft  Home.

2 Bed |1Bath | 30 m2 | 320 Sq.Ft


Shipping containers can be adapted for various purposes, making them versatile solutions for different needs.


Containers are designed to be easily combined or stacked, allowing for modular construction and flexible layouts.


This home plan in brief:
The design is a 40 foot shipping container home to create a spectacular 2-bedroom home design, that features two-bedrooms with a well-designed open plan living–dining area, with plenty of space.  It has a  bathroom / laundry combined. Front and back deck for outdoor living.


Made of steel, shipping containers are strong and durable, providing a secure structure for living or storage.

It looks great and is easy to build plus it keeps the costs low and affordable.

Repurposing shipping containers promotes sustainability by recycling existing materials and reducing the demand for new resources.

Using shipping containers for construction can be more budget-friendly compared to traditional building methods.

Containers offer compact living solutions, making efficient use of space without compromising comfort.  

Containers can be customized to meet specific design preferences, allowing for personalized living spaces.

Repurposing shipping containers contributes to environmental conservation by reducing waste and promoting green building practices.

Container homes often have a modern and industrial aesthetic, combining functionality with contemporary design elements.

Shipping container living represents a modern and innovative approach to housing, embracing non-traditional architectural concepts.

Container homes can be designed with off-grid features, such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems, promoting self-sustainability.


The Home sizes are in Metric or Feet and Inches for International Understating


Feet & Inches

Container Area: 320 Sq. Feet
Front Deck:          160 Sq. Feet
Back Deck:           160 Sq. Feet
Total Area:          640 Sq. Feet


Metric Sizes

  • Container Area: 29.72 m2
  • Front Deck:  15.7 m2
  • Back Deck:  15.7 m2
  • Total Area: 16.61 m2


- 3D Front Render
- Floor Plan fully detailed
- Elevations Plan fully detailed
- Copyright release to build


Compact Cost-Effective Modular Construction 2 Bed |1Bath

$99.95 Regular Price
$69.97Sale Price
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