• Bedroom / Lounge
  • Bathroom 
  • Kitchen 
  • Open Living 
  • Front Deck


Metric Sizes

Living : 14.8 m2 
Deck:     8.36 m2
Total Area: 23.2 m2


Feet & Inches

Living : 160 Sq. Feet

Deck: 90 Sq. Feet

Total Area: 250 Sq. Feet


Metric Inclusions:
Floor plan Dimensions in Metric Sizes
Elevation Plans in Metric Sizes
Electrical Plans in Metric Sizes
Window Schedule in Metric Sizes
Door Schedule in Metric Sizes
Section Plan Metric Sizes
Foundations Plan Metric Sizes
Door Schedule in Metric Sizes
Floor Coverings Plan Metric Sizes



Imperial Inclusions:
Floor plan Dimensions in feet and Inches
Elevation Plans in feet and Inches
Electrical Plans in feet and Inches
Window Schedule in feet and Inches
Section Plan feet and Inches
Foundations Plan feet and Inches
Door Schedule in feet and Inches
Floor Coverings Plan feet and Inches



Other Inclusions:
3d  Front Render 
3d  Back Render 
3d Left and Right Side Renders
3d Inside Render 
2d Floor Plan showing furniture positions
Copyright release for building



Shipping Container Home Plans: 20Ft DOE

$395.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price
  • Full Construction Set of Plans Includes:

    • Elevation Plans all dimensions nominated
    • Floor Plan all dimensions nominated
    • Electrical Plans
    • Foundation Plans
    • Window Schedule
    • Door Schedule
    • Sketch Plan
    • 3D Render of Façade
    • Copyright Release for building
    • Sent to you in PDF Format

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