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Discover Luxury Living on Narrow Land: 5 Bedroom + Study Nook House Plan with Exquisite


Welcome to a world of opulence and elegance perfectly tailored for narrow land spaces. Step into a realm of unmatched sophistication with our impeccable house plan boasting five bedrooms, a study nook, and an array of luxurious features. Embrace the art of modern living in a design that beautifully merges comfort, style, and functionality.

Key Features:

  • 5 Bedroom + Study Nook: Elevate your lifestyle with abundant space, featuring five lavish bedrooms and a versatile study nook that adapts to your every need.

  • Walk-In Closet: Experience the epitome of convenience and luxury with a walk-in closet that offers ample storage while enhancing your daily routine.

  • Home Cinema: Immerse yourself in cinematic indulgence within the comfort of your own home. The dedicated home cinema promises an unparalleled entertainment experience.

  • 3 Bathrooms: Enjoy the ultimate convenience of three meticulously designed bathrooms, ensuring comfort and ease for your entire household.

  • Galley Kitchen: Embark on a culinary journey in the stylish galley kitchen, a haven for culinary enthusiasts that marries functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

  • Large Back Patio: Extend your living space to the outdoors with a spacious back patio, ideal for hosting gatherings, savoring serene moments, and creating cherished memories.

  • Front Balcony: Take in breathtaking views and relish quiet moments on your charming front balcony, enriching your daily life with beauty and tranquility.

  • Double Garage: Secure your vehicles and belongings with ease in the double garage, a testament to both convenience and security.

Indulge in the harmony of design and practicality, where every element of this house plan has been meticulously crafted to meet your desires. Whether you're seeking solace in your private study nook, enjoying a cinematic masterpiece, or delighting in the joys of outdoor living, this house plan is a testament to your refined taste and aspirations.

Seize the opportunity to turn your narrow land into a canvas of luxury and sophistication. Contact us today to explore the boundless possibilities and make this 5 Bedroom + Study Nook house plan your own. Elevate your lifestyle and create the haven you deserve.


Plan Features

  • 5 Bedroom + Study Nook
  • Walk in Closet
  • Home Cinema 
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Galley Kitchen
  • Large Back Patio
  • Front Balcony
  • Double Garage


Metric Sizes
Metric Room Sizes
Bed 1 : 4.8 x 3.8
Bed 2 : 3.8 x 3.0
Bed 3 : 3.0 x 3.0
Bed 4 :  3.0 x 3.0
Bed 5 :  3.1 x 3.0
Living Area: 7.2 x 4.1

Metric Area Sizes
Lower Floor : 81.4 m2
Upper Floor :123.6 m2
Back Patio :17.9 m2
Porch :2.4 m2
Garage :36.7 m2
Total Area:  267.3 m2


Feet & Inches
Room Sizes Feet & Inches
Bed 1 : 15'9” x 12 ' 5”
Bed 2 : 12' 5” x 9 ' 9”
Bed 3 : 11' 2” x 9 ' 9”
Bed 4 : 11' 2” x 9 ' 9”
Bed 5 : 10' 4” x 9 ' 10”
Living Area: 23' 10” x 13 ' 7”


Areas Feet & Inches
Lower Floor : 885 Sq. Ft
Upper Floor :1335 Sq. Ft
Back Patio :193 Sq. Ft
Porch :25 Sq. Ft
Garage :395 Sq. Ft
Total Area:  2890 Sq. Ft


Preliminary Set Of Plans Includes:

  • Builders Preliminary Elevation Plans
  • Builders Preliminary Floor Plan
  • Copyright Release for building
  • Sent to you in PDF Format


    Why Buy Our Preliminary Set Of Plans?

    Our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with the reliability of our products :


    • Ideal for quoting from builders before moving onto full construction plans
    • Ideal as a starting point before sitting down with the draftsman
    • Ideal for using to create your own ideas
    • Ideal for builders to use on web sites
    • Ideal for builders to meet with clients and make modifications to suit client needs
    • Ideal for meeting with councils to see if they will accept the concept layout, before submitting for approval.
    • Saves time staring at a blank piece of paper as a starting point
    • Saves you time and money
    • Stunning Affordable Home Designs
    • Designs from leading designers
    • No worry about breaching copyright
    • Great New Designs
    • Instant Download
    • Digital Book to use on all computers


    Satisfaction Guarantee


    • We give 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our products.
    • If there are any problems we will fully refund your money.
    • We guarantee the items we sell are as described & pictured
    • Every effort is made to provide you with 100% accurate description
    • We are committed to complete customer satisfaction
    • In case of any questions or problems please contact us by e-mail


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    Narrow Lot house plans Design: 300 CATERPILLAR

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