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This is one of our 100 home designs that is Expiring Soon - Download Your Copy Today !

Our Barndominium design is a true testament to architectural innovation. By seamlessly blending the rustic charm of a barn with the modern comforts of a luxury home, we've created a living space that exudes character and style


Discover the perfect blend of rustic charm and contemporary living with our exceptional 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom Barndominium design. This innovative concept house plan is now available for sale, offering you the opportunity to transform your living space into a harmonious sanctuary.


Home Features:

  • Two Bedrooms: Experience the joy of spacious living with two thoughtfully designed bedrooms that provide comfort and privacy for you and your loved ones.

  • Two Bathrooms: Enjoy convenience and functionality with two well-appointed bathrooms that cater to your daily routines.

  • Modern Kitchen: Elevate your culinary experience in a modern kitchen that combines sleek aesthetics with practical design. High-end appliances, ample storage, and a functional layout make this kitchen a chef's delight.

  • Large Covered Patio: Embrace outdoor living at its finest with a generous covered patio area. Whether you're entertaining guests, enjoying family time, or simply relishing in the tranquility of nature, this versatile space is the perfect backdrop for memorable moments.

  • Double Carport: Protect your vehicles from the elements with a spacious double carport that seamlessly integrates into the overall design. This practical addition adds convenience and ensures your vehicles stay in pristine condition.



2 Bedrooms
2 Large Bathrooms
Large Kitchen + Pantry
Large Living 
Covered Alfresco Patio
Double Carport & Laundry Area


Metric Room Sizes
Bed1: 4.0 x 4.0
Bed2: 4.0 x 3.0 
Living Room: 6.0 x 5.7

Metric Area Sizes
Living Area: 112.2 m2
Carport:         43.0 m2
Patio Area:   28.8 m2
Total Area:   184. 0 m2


Room Sizes Feet & Inches
Bed 1 : 13' 0” x 13 ' 5”
Bed 2 : 13' 0” x  9 ' 10”
Living Area: 19' 9” x 18 ' 8”



Areas Feet & Inches
Living  area :1200 Sq. Ft
Carport:          463   Sq. Ft
Patio:               315 Sq. Ft
Total Area:   1978 Sq. Ft

Barn dominium design Working Drawings: 184 COZY HAVEN


    Plans are delivered by email in PDF Format ready for printing or forwarding to suppliers for quotes.

    Contact us if you require changes to the plans

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