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Simple Simons Guide to Building a Container Home

Helpfull guide to building a container home 

Our shipping container home guide is design to help you convert a shipping container into a beautiful home.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Buying the shipping container - Ideal buying strategy
Chapter 2. Budget - what will it all cost?
Chapter 3. Finance - Tell the bank “SHOW ME THE MONEY”
Chapter 4. Council Approvals - do you need a building permit?
Chapter 5. Site Preparation - Old School Basics

Chapter 6. Construction - Go Ahead! MAKE MY DAY
Chapter 7. Plumbing and Electrical - Out of the box ideas
Chapter 8. External Cladding - Give it the WOW Factor
Chapter 9. Insulation to the walls - Hot is Not the best
Chapter 10. Internal Lining - Make it a home
Chapter 11. Doors and Fittings - Separate the rooms
Chapter 12. Moldings - Window and doors architraves
Chapter 13. PC Items - Kitchens, sinks and vanity units
Chapter 14. Tiling and Paining - The Big Finish
Chapter 15. Final Inspections - Clean up and lay the carpet



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Shipping Container Home Guide

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