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Registered / Licensed builders purchase our builder’s sale plans directly from our website here. 

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FAQ:-  What are Concept Plans and Construction Plans?

Concept Plans

Owning the concept plans gives you a significant advantage when shopping for a builder.

You can have several builders compete or bid for the job, ensuring you get the best possible price. This approach can save you thousands of dollars compared to using the builder’s plans, which are protected by copyright. It is illegal to have other builders bid on a design owned by a specific builder, and you could face legal action for copyright infringement even years after the home is completed.

By owning the concept plans, you eliminate this risk and gain greater control over your project.

Construction Plans also known as Working Drawings or Construction Blueprints.


Full Construction Plans Include:

  • Notes - Details

  • Floor Plan

  • Elevation Plan

  • Section Plan

  • Roof Direction Plan

  • 3D views of all 4 sides

  • Electrical Plan

  • Bracing Plan

  • Tie-Down Notes Plan

  • Safety Notes

  • 3D Front Render

  • 2D Floor Plan

  • Copyright release to use plan for building

Optional Extras Available

  • Site Plans extra $250 – (you need to supply a survey plan before we can draw this plan)

  • BASIX Certificate / Energy Efficiency Assessment (by Nationally accredited energy efficiency assessor)

  • Structural Engineering Design Check & Certification (this includes footing and foundation design however we need a soil test on the property “Soil Report to be provided by client”)

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