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This is one of our 100 home designs that is Expiring Soon - Download Your Copy Today !

Embrace a lifestyle of comfort and functionality in this thoughtfully curated concept house plan. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure a home that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Welcome to a space where simplicity meets sophistication. Welcome home


  • Three Bedrooms:

    • Discover the perfect balance of space and intimacy with three well-appointed bedrooms. Each room is crafted with your comfort in mind, providing a cozy sanctuary to unwind and rejuvenate.
  • One Bathroom:

    • Experience the epitome of convenience with a thoughtfully designed bathroom. Featuring modern fixtures and a tasteful aesthetic, this space ensures a refreshing start to your day and a relaxing end to your evenings.
  • Kitchen:

    • The heart of this home, the kitchen, is a haven for culinary enthusiasts. Equipped with modern appliances, ample storage, and a stylish design, it invites you to unleash your inner chef and create delightful meals for family and friends.
  • Large Deck:

    • Extend your living space outdoors with a generously sized deck that promises panoramic views and endless possibilities. Ideal for entertaining or simply enjoying the fresh air, this space seamlessly connects the indoors with the beauty of the surrounding environment.
  • Double Carport:

    • Convenience meets style with a spacious double carport. Protect your vehicles from the elements while adding a touch of elegance to the exterior. Whether you have two cars or desire additional storage space, this feature is designed to meet your practical needs.



3 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
Large Deck
Double Carport


Metric Room Sizes
Bed 1: 5.1 x 2.9
Bed 2: 3.8 x 2.8
Bed 3: 3.4 x 2.9
Living Room: 4.2 x 3.9



Metric Area Sizes

Living Area: 98.7 m2
Carport:       40.9 m2
Deck  Area:  38.7 m2
Total Area:  178.3 m2


Feet & Inches Room Sizes

Bed 1 : 16'11” x 9 ' 5”
Bed 2 : 12' 8” x 9 ' 2”
Bed 3 : 11' 3” x 9 ' 5”
Living Area: 13' 8” x 13 ' 9”


Feet & Inches Area Sizes

Living  area : 1064 Sq. Ft
Carport:           440 Sq. Ft
Deck             :   378 Sq. Ft
Total Area:   1882 Sq. Ft



There are 2 main sets of plans when building a home one is the concept plans and the second is  full construction plans.


Concept plans.
If you own the concept plans, you have a major advantage when shopping for a builder.
As you can get several builders to compete or bid  for the job and get the best possible price.
This will normally save you many thousands of dollars, compared to using the builders plans as he owns the copyright on his own plans, and it illegal to have other builders bid on his design.
So you are open to legal action for breach of copyright. This can even happen years after the home is complete.
Where as if you own the concept plans, this saves all that risks.

Construction plans.

We have found most builders prefer you to supply the concept plans only, and they supply the full construction plans using your concept plans as a draft design.
The reason is because of buying power. 
They normally are affiliated with a number of building material suppliers, and will draw the final construction drawings to meet there building specifications.
All though you will have final say on the building material, they will have a base building specifications that they get the best price for.
The building specifications are an important group of documents which forms part of the building contract.
The specifications  can change from builder to builder and from one city to another depending on availability.

When getting a builder to bid on your concept plans, you should always ask for a building specifications sheet of building material that they have included in the quote.

Owner Builder or DIY Builder

An owner builder is also best to have  concept plans drawn before moving onto full construction plans.
As an owner builder you can use the concept plans to send to building material suppliers and tradesman to get quotes before moving to full construction plans.

Our concept plans are detailed with full plan dimensions so they can quote it fully.
This means as an owner builder you will know the full costs of construction with in a few weeks, and if the project will meet your budget.

If you are over budget you can make the necessary changes, before having the full construction plans drawn saving you time and money.
Also having the full construction costs means you can approach the bank with confidence, knowing that you can finish the home completely.


Up-Grade to Full Construction Plans or Modify this Plan

  • 3D Front Render
  • Floor Plan Render
  • Floor Plan fully detailed
  • Elevations Plan fully detailed
  • Building Section fully detailed
  • Bracing Plans
  • Electrical Plans
  • Copyright release to build
  • Up-Grade to Full Construction Plans Here

Your Ideal Retreat: Unveiling the: 178.3LH KINGCOTE

$199.95 Regular Price
$99.98Sale Price
  • Metric Inclusions:
    Floor plan Dimensions in Metric Sizes
    Elevation Plans in Metric Sizes
    Electrical Plans in Metric Sizes
    Window Schedule in Metric Sizes
    Door Schedule in Metric Sizes

    Other Inclusions
    3d Front Render 
    2d Floor Plan showing furniture positions
    Copyright release for building 

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