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My 30 Year Career - as being landlord

Owning a rental property I have found to be rewarding, depressing, fulfilling, profitable, costly, tax efficient, demanding, cheap, and expensive. 



Table of Contents

Legal Notes

Chapter 1. My 1st rental property   

Chapter 2. My finance applications  “Show me the money”

Chapter 3. My Tenants “The GOOD the BAD the UGLY”

Chapter 4. GOOD “Property Manager-BAD Property Manager”

Chapter 5. Insurance “Ah, Houston, we've had a problem."

Chapter 6. Old Home vs New Home" Is the Magic Gone"

Chapter 7. Pets vs No Pets “How much is the Puppy"

Chapter 8. Going to court “Go Ahead! MAKE MY DAY! 

Chapter 9. Mining Market in 11 hour “Leave at 10 o'clock"

Chapter 10.  Greed is Good “But not to good"

Chapter 11. Shares vs Investment Home

Chapter 12.  No Deposit “Out of the Box Home Buying"

Chapter 13.  Negative Gearing “Old School Investing"

Chapter 14.  Positive Gearing "Were Getting Smarter”

Chapter 15.  Buying Property “Ideal buying strategy"


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My 30 Year Career - as being landlord

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