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This is one of our 100 home designs that is Expiring Soon - Download Your Copy Today !

This beautiful 2 bedroom smal home design.


If you are looking for a low-cost affordable home 



2 Bedroom

Study/ Office



Meals Room
2 Large Decks


The home in brief:
The design is a 2 Bedroom  plus study spectacular small home design, that features Master bedroom with a well-designed living–dining area, plenty of space . It has a  bathroom . 

The Kitchen

The impressive Kitchen open layout has a good storage area, and is equipped to fit a large fridge. design beautifully and compliment the open living area . 


The front façade with roof access

The is a very good-looking home design, featuring a  sl doors  to give a great looking  home design.

A real standout!

The thought of small homes normally brings the ugly duckling memories to the forefront, but this design breaks all the rules, it looks great and is easy to build plus it keeps the costs low and affordable.


Bedroom ( Master Bedroom)

The master bedroom is well positioned and has a closet space

A feature a side window give the bedroom plenty of light and ventilation,


Lounge Room

This living area is the prefect size for a  small TV room and entertaining area.


The Home sizes are in Metric or Feet and Inches for International Understating :


Feet & Inches

Living  area : 1070 Sq. Ft
Total Area:   1070 Sq. Ft


Room Sizes Feet & Inches
Bed 1 : 12' 6” x 9 ' 6”
Bed 2 : 12' 6” x 9 ' 6”
Study:  9' 3” x  6 ' 10”
Living Area: 28' 8” x 16 ' 1”



Metric Sizes

Living Area: 99.0 m2
Total Area:   99.0 m2


Metric Room Sizes
Bed1: 3.8 x 2.9 m
Bed2: 3.8 x 2.9 m
Study:2.8 x 2.1  m
Living Room: 7.8 x 4.9 m


2 Bed Construction Plans: 99 Sunridge

$1,295.00 Regular Price
$647.50Sale Price

    Plans are delivered by email in PDF Format ready for printing or forwarding to suppliers for quotes.

    Contact us if you require changes to the plans

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