Builders, Home Contractors and Kit Home Builders Support Package

Setting up a business, marketing and creating good selling home designs can be very hard and very expensive.

Over the years we have found that most builders and kit home suppliers like to concentrate on the daily running of there business.  They also prefer to enhance their client satisfaction and build repeat business.

This is why a lot of other business models such as franchises are quite popular.


Our Business Support Package, is a simple low-cost system designed for the home building market.


We are a design company and have been building and designing homes for over 40 years.


We have supplied designs and sales to some of the biggest building and kit home companies in Australia.


Our Business Support Package in brief:


  • We create a professional website specifically for home designs and creating leads for you.  Example : Affordable Homes Mount Pritchard

  • The site includes our bestselling designs

  • It also includes lead generation targeted to the buyer

  • The site is updated regularly with new designs

  • The site includes your contact details for your specific area

  • We send you a concept plan of each design that is on the website so you can calculate the building costs for each design

  • All enquiries for your chosen areas are directed to you, however you can supply/build in any area

  • We market the personalised website to locals through our marketing system

  • After you receive a deposit from the client you can purchase full construction plans at our special discounted price for the chosen design


What does it cost?

As you may know creating house designs from scratch can cost several thousands of dollars by the time you pay for drafting and 3d renderings.  You will need a minimum of 10 designs in various sizes to start.


Alternatively, you could copy other people’s designs, however, as soon as you begin to market the plans you will open yourself to litigation for copyright breaches.


Other options include becoming a franchisee to an existing builder or supplier, however, they normally start between $50,000 - $200,000 with no guarantee of success.


Our system is very low cost


Initial Joining fee and Setup costs:  $2500

Plan Licence fee:  $200 per week

Marketing:  $100 per week

Total outlay per week $300.00.


You can quit at any time with 4 weeks’ notice in writing.


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