• 2 Bedroom 
  • 2 Bathroom 
  • Open Kitchen 
  • Open Living Rooms - Dining
  • Covered Alfresco Patio


Metric Sizes
Bed 1: 3.4m x 3.0 m
Bed 2: 3.4m x 3.0 m
Living: 3.5m x 3.7m
Floor Area: 64.9 m2
Deck Area:    9.1 m2
Total Area: 74.0 m2


Feet & Inches
Bed 1: 11' 0” x  9' 7”
Bed 2: 11' 0” x  9' 7”
Living: 11' 5” x 16' 5”
Floor Area: 698 Sq Ft
Deck Area:   97 Sq Ft
Total Area: 796 Sq Ft


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    Small Narrow Land Home Design: 95.5SBLH House Plan

    $99.95 Regular Price
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    • Concept Plans/ Preliminary Set of Plans Includes: 

      • Elevation Plans all dimensions nominated
      • Floor Plan all dimensions nominated
      • Sketch Plan
      • 3D Render of Façade
      • Copyright Release for building
      • Sent to you in PDF Format

      Order the Architectural Design before you contact your local builder
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