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Small House Plan: 19 Kiwi-v2 - Preliminary House Plan Set

1 Bed | 1 Bath|12.9m2 |146Sq.Ft


Our Small House Plan: 19 Kiwi v2 House Plan Set is designed to help you with quotes and pricing or even create your own design ideas, you can use our 1 bedroom design for building , or use it as a guide to creating your own 1 bedroom floor plan.

You can also upgrade to full construction plans or request modifications to our plan through us, or use our plan as a starting point with your own draftsman. 

Flip this plan here ( Mirror floor plan)

Plan Features

  • 1 Bedroom Design
  • 1 Bathrooms
  • Large Living Area
  • Kitchenette
  • Ideal Kit home Design
  • Deck to front


Plan Sizes

  • Width : 5.140  meters (17 feet 2 Inches) 
  • Length : 3.740 meters (12 feet 6 Inches)
  • Living area : 12.9  m2  (146 Sq.Ft)
  • Total Area : 19.2 m2 (215 Sq. Ft) 


Preliminary Set Of Plans Includes:

  • Floor plan
The floor plan shows the layout and size of all rooms including the living room, kitchen, bath . It also shows the placement of doors, windows, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures
  • Sub-Floor Plan
Foundation post and beam layouts
  • Elevation Plans
Exterior elevations from all sides
  • Wall Section/ Cross section transverse plan
The cross section plan shows details for placement of footings, foundation blocks, sub-floor, ceiling and roof.
  • Electrical plan
The electrical plan shows placement of electrical outlets.
  • 3D Front Render
So you can see the finished home look
  • 2D Floor Plan
So you can see the home Layout
  • Copyright release to use plan for building

Plans are in PDF format and are designed to be printed if desired.


    Why Buy Our Preliminary Set Of Plans?

    Our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with the reliability of our products :


    • ideal for quoting from builders before moving onto full construction plans
    • Ideal as a starting point before sitting down with draftsmen
    • Ideal for using to create your own ideas.
    • Ideal for builders to use on web sites
    • Ideal for builders to meet with clients and make modifications to suit client needs
    • Ideal for meeting with councils to see if they will accept the concept layout, before submitting for approval.
    • Saves time starting at a blank piece of paper as a starting point.
    • Saves you time and money !
    • Stunning affordable Home Designs
    • Designs from leading designers
    • No worry about breaching copyright
    • Great New Designs
    • Instant Download
    • Digital Book to use on all computer


    Satisfaction Guarantee


    • We give 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our products.
    • If there are any problems we will fully refund your money.
    • We guarantee the items we sell are as described & pictured
    • Every effort is made to provide you with 100% accurate description
    • We are committed to complete customer satisfaction
    • In case of any questions or problems please contact us by e-mail


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    • Instant Download
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    Affordable Compact Design 1 Bed | 1 Bath

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