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The People involved in Construction.


The Architect is the designer of the home usually in conjuction with the home owner or builder.


Also gets involved in designing the home and is mostly employed by Builders or Architects to do the drawing of the home in detail so it is ready for construction.

The Interior Designer

They are usually reponsible for the interior selections and color co-ordination so the home blends throughout.

The General Contractor or Builder

He/She is mainly the Manager of the building construction and co-ordinates the design,sub-contractors and suppliers, Councils and home-owners throughout the project to its completion.

The Sub-Contractor

The Sub-Contractor works directly for the Builder and does the work specific to his trade e.g the carpenter completes the carpentry work throughout the home at an agreed price with the Contractor.

Licenced Trade People

Some of the trades have to be licenced to comply with Laws. Example- plumbers and electricians have to be licenced before they can work on any site.

Material Supplier

This is the supplier of the various materials in the home. Most material suppliers specialise in a particular material.

For Example -the Plumbing fixtures. Suppliers mainly stay in their own areas and do not supply materials such as timber. However some suppliers do stock many of the materials used in a house, such as the hardware. Some suppliers may supply the majority of the products in the home.

Equipment Supplier

Specialise in Equipment - such as heavy equipment used in earthworks as well as items such as scaffolding planks etc.


Councils and Government departments have inspectors to check that the work is in accordance with the Building Act and State and Federal Laws.

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