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4 Bedroom House Plans for Modern Living

A four-house plan is a residential building design that is composed of four separate housing units or apartments. This type of plan is often used for multi-family housing, such as duplexes, townhouses, or quadplexes.

Typically, each unit in a four-house plan will have its own separate entrance, living space, kitchen, and bathroom(s). The design may also include shared outdoor areas, such as a yard or patio.

One common layout for a four-house plan is to have two units on the ground floor and two units on the upper floor. This arrangement allows for more privacy and separation between the units.

The exterior design of a four-house plan can vary widely, depending on the architectural style and materials used. Some designs may have a traditional or classic look, while others may be more modern or contemporary.

Overall, a four-house plan is a versatile and practical option for multi-family living, offering individual living spaces while still allowing for shared amenities and community.

See our 4 bedroom house plans here

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